So my job shut my blogging down

I went to log into my account one day last week and got a security violation at my job. Every few months the IT department goes in and tightens up our security settings. Most of the time my blog escapes the shenanigans but this time it didn’t.

I generally only blog 3 days per week anyway but I always forget to post when I’m at home. I’ll try to update my blog when I remember.

I know I’ll be glad when they remove the restrictions so I can get back on my regular posting schedule.

I’m only working a half day

I really don’t like only working half days. It seems like both a waste of the day and a waste of both bus fare and my lunch budget.

I generally only use half days when it’s near my vacation or I’m going out of town for a couple of days. I use the extra time to get on the road before everyone gets off of work. I always make sure that I’m packed a totally ready to go so all I have to do is get in the car (or get to the airport etc) and go.

This was a bonus day given to us by management for a successful work season. I’m not going to complain because a lot of people would be happy to get the time off. I do have something that I have to do so it’s not a total loss.

Too bad I couldn’t use Friday and get a quick start to my weekend. That would have been awesome.

I haven’t planned any days off of work yet

Not days to travel either, just days to have off to sit at home and chill. I have a lot to do and yet nothing at all to do. I really just want to sit at home and do nothing for a few days.

I have 3 weeks worth of vacation and believe me, when you have nothing to do, staying home can get old fast. The first day is fun then the middle days drag and finally that last free day flies by and before you know it, you’re back at work.

I really want to go to the beach but that’s not a reality for me right now. But a few days to rest and recharge the batteries may be just what I need.

Speaking of Starbucks - I need to add some cash to my card

Whoops! I’ve been getting little stuff from the Starbucks in my grocery store about once per month. Sometimes it’s the coffee but more often than not it’s the coffee. Well last week I went in and got coffee and dessert and paid with my gift card. When I got home I saw that I only have about $2.50 left on the card. Gah!!

I could just link one of my cards and transfer money that way. But I’m going to wait until I go on my normal shopping trip and take my change jar with me. I’ll dump at least $10 into my local Coin Star machine and select Starbucks. No fee from Coin Star and I get a re-up on my coffee.

Win win!

How in the world could I forget Starbucks?!?!

Wow! I’ve been looking for apps to add to my phone that I use all of the time and I totally forgot about Starbucks! I recently got a gift card from them that I’ve been loading whenever I get the chance. I mostly buy their snacks but I do buy the coffee on occasion.

The thing I like about my new phone is that the apps load lickety-split. In the time it took me to write the post, all of 2 minutes, the app is already installed and ready to go.

Starbucks here I come!

I found two more apps

I read about them in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine. How funny is that? They are both communications apps when you travel. This way you don’t get hit with overages, roaming etc. One is Skype or Magic Jack for calling. Makes a lot of sense because most people want to call home once or twice while on vacay. The other isĀ  Whatsapp. It’s a mobile texting app that goes across platforms including IOS, Android and Blackberry. That way you can text a quick message on the go.

Even though I don’t travel half as much as I used to, the fact that I found these apps is golden. I’ll be downloading them before I download anything else. It’s always good to stay connected and now I can be.

So I figured out how to close my apps

First I labeled this “things that suck” meaning me. I suck lol. I finally figured out how to close my app and I can’t believe I didn’t figure it out at first.

The first demo told me to tap the button and the screen would shake. Then a minus sign would pop up on the app and that’s how you close it. That definitely works on the 4 and maybe 5 but not 5C. Then it said pause the music app, tap home once then tap home twice and swipe the app up. Well yes and no. There are 2 pics for each open app. A small one at the bottom (which you close in most other versions) that is just a logo for the app. Then another larger app which is a pic of the page that you just closed. You don’t swipe the logo, you swipe the actual picture.

Duh! I feel like a dunce now. But on the bright side, I now know how to close these apps.

Apps apps and more apps

I’m looking for new apps to add to my phone. My old phone had such a low memory that I couldn’t really add more than 5-7 apps at a time. Then if they would all need to be updated at the same time, my phone would tap out. It would have to be hard reset and everything.

With this phone I have several apps but I did download the usual suspects including Pandora, IHeart Radio, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Now I’m trying to decide if there are any others that I want on my phone. I do want a banking app just to make things easier but I’m not sure about anything else.

What apps are on your phone?

My first problem with my new phone

It’s not a big problem, more of a slight annoyance actually and it has to do with my apps. I can’t figure out how to turn them completely off.

It’s driving me crazy. They have instructions for the 5 and 5S but not the 5C. I know the 5 instructions work because it’s the same as what I have on my Ipad Mini. I know the 5S instructions work because my friend has that phone. But there is nothing for the 5C. It does tell me to pause the app then tap once to get to the home screen. Then tap twice and the app technically stops.

I know the app is still running though. Yesterday even after being paused for over 8 hours, the app was in the exact same spot. I know I wouldn’t have this problem with eldermark software. I can’t understand why there isn’t a exit button on the app or something to make it easier to end instead of guessing as to whether the app is still running.

We’re not going to even talk about the fact that it’s killing my poor data. Ugh.

I finally got my phone

Yay! I’m so happy because my old phone was slow and clunky. While I loved it to death, it was time to go because it was almost literally dead. It had a very small memory and was constantly needing to be hard-reset. That sucks because I always lost most of my apps and all of my text messages.

This phone is slightly longer but much lighter than my old phone. The first time I picked it up I could feel the difference. What’s cool, to me at least, is that I can put all of my old apps on this phone plus there is still room for more! It holds about 20 apps per page so I have a long way to go before I fill up another screen .

All in all I’m pretty happy. Now I just need to pay for the phone and I’ll be really happy!

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